Why can’t life be easy once more?

My Grandma typically used to tell me that she longed for the easy life again. I remember what she called easy. She said they didn’t have air conditioning plus yet they all survived the hot plus humid summers. She would say how they would have only a thin sheet pulled over them during the summer, plus that was enough to keep them cool plus comfortable. I remember sleeping at her condo during the summer. It was not cool plus comfortable, no matter how numerous curtain shades she had drawn to keep the sun out. I do agree that life was much easyr back then. People trusted each other plus looked at each other with warmth plus kindness. If I could get into a time machine, I would go back to my Grandma’s time. I would want a new Heating plus A/C method laying in the time component with me. I would enjoy to see my Grandma plus my mother when they were younger. I would enjoy to see how they lived plus worked plus how my mother honestly met my dad. I think the most fun would be to find out if their life was much easyr than ours, other than there were a lot fewer people. I would introduce my mother plus Grandma to the new gas furnace plus the air conditioning unit, just so they could see what to expect. Unblessedly, they would think I was deranged because they didn’t have new electricity back then plus the Heating plus A/C method really wouldn’t work. I also wonder if they would be ecstatic to recognize that their daughter/granddaughter is an Heating plus A/C corporation.

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