The AC has been a lifesaver

Who would have thought that the efficient little portable a/c that I obtained for my dining room would come in so much more use than just cooling off the room & saving currency on electric bills? Well, I can tell you, this was the case with my portable a/c that I obtained, then you see I happen to have this buddy who has the most loud & annoying pet that I can not particularly stand! The pet is barking at all seconds of the evening as if there is some masked robber about to steal from their home. I hate it! I guess there have been some HOA complaints from others in the village about this pet. But my portable a/c truly helps in drowning out the barking pet so I can sleep! I listen to the calming noise of the portable a/c & I barely can even hear the annoying evil sounding thing outside that they call a pet anymore. It’s a nice thing this portable a/c is a single that makes such steady, calming noise. If it wasn’t, I would not have found any viable solution to effectively drowning out the pet barking while trying to sleep. Other than maybe buying a floor fan for myself & cranking that. But then I’d get reemed on energy bills. So the portable a/c was a miracle in disguise for this reason alone. I erally hope that someday the village will make them keep that stupid loud pet in the home exactly where it belongs! Not outside!
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