No way to make this installation happen

I obtained an electric fireplace the other month.

It was a good deal, I found it on sale for pretty cheap compared to its normal price.

So it honestly wasn’t totally surprising when I opened up the electric fireplace to put it together & immediately found that it was missing the directions. At first I was a bit mad & confused. But then I also remembered that the two of us are now in the age of the internet which has all kinds of useful information. So I took to the search engine & looked to see if I could find some kind of expert directions online on how to put this electric fireplace together. After quickly bouncing through numerous website, clicking many clickable live links & well, generally getting undoubtedly miserable, I found some directions for exactly how to put the electric fireplace I obtained together. Someone had kindly scanned the entire manual on some website because they heard about the boxes missing directions sometimes. This was undoubtedly helpful! I downloaded the PDF scans this guy made & got to job on putting together my brand current & undoubtedly nice and efficient electric fireplace, however putting the electric fireplace together was not nearly as hard as a single may think. I particularly had the entire electric fireplace together & totally ready for use within a little under two hours. And here I was thinking this was going to be an all day affair trying. Thank the heavens for the internet & all those clickable links I have to say, if it wasn’t for them, I would have been clueless.
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