The wind direction matters

One thing I have dealt with where I live is exhausting air quality on a regular basis.

  • It comes & it goes.

For years I never knew exactly how to tell when there was definitely going to be a exhausting air quality day or a nice air quality day. This was the case until I talked to an air quality specialist. They made myself and others finally understand something about my area. And that was the north winds are what causes the extremely exhausting air quality to honestly act up & sets off my pollen irritations for weeks. In other words, if the wind is blowing from the south, it will be ok. If it is suddenly coming from the north, look out! That is when I have to use my whole current home air purification system to survive. On nights that the north winds are honestly going crazy my whole entire home air purification system will destroy all that exhausting air quality before it enters, & it will not reach my home. I can lay in total indoor comfort separate from dealing with my pollen irritations going off the charts from the exhausting air quality continually coming from the north winds. However, if I do not preemptively turn on my whole current home air purification system on the nights the wind is rapidly blowing from the north I will get so sick that I can not even go to work. I will probably have to call out sick. The investment I made in my whole current home air purification system was actually possibly the best option I ever could have made based on what I later found out.

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