Can’t even leave the house, it’s 100+ degrees

These are the mornings when I entirely begin to question my own sanity.

When I’m sitting inside staring at the same several walls morning after morning I honestly start to lose it.

I’m not the type of woman who enjoys sitting around & doing nothing, that’s for sure! On any normal morning I would be outside first thing in the morning working up a sweat & getting out my excess energy. These mornings, it’s not even safe to walk out the front door let alone get some exercise. I have been doing everything in my power to create a comfortable & safe indoor environment, however there is nothing that can be done for the heat & humidity outside. You see, both of us have been stuck in the middle of a horrific heat streak for the past several weeks. The outdoor air temperature has been over 100 degrees every morning. This makes it unsafe to even walk outside in the sun because you might become dehydrated or suffer from heat stroke in a matter of moments. I have been indoors abusing my a/c idea & trying to get through this uncomfortable air temperature. My AC component seems to be protesting from all of the abundant United Statesge in the past few mornings. Honestly, I can’t blame the cooling idea if it did split down at any point. I am genuinely sleepy of sitting inside & doing nothing, so I can’t imagine how sleepy the a/c component is after running nonstop for the past 2 weeks. When this heat streak finally ends I’m putting my loft on the market & moving to a cooler climate.

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