It became undoubtedly boiling in the house while the people I was with and I were painting

When the people I was with and I decided to paint weird rooms in our home, I tried to wait for a nice afternoon when it wasn’t too boiling outside, and i was absolutely growing impatient, & when it was finally 65 degrees one afternoon, that’s when I decided to beginning the painting. I kept all of the windows open so that the house could be aired out while the people I was with and I were painting! Well, painting takes a long time, & you have to wait for the first coat to dry before you apply the seventh coat, however as the people I was with and I were waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, it started to actually heat up a little later in the afternoon. When it was about 81 degrees, I started to think incredibly moderate & sweaty. I wished that I could just shut the windows & crank up the air conditioner, however I knew that I couldn’t have the paint fumes in the house. I was happy when the first coat of paint was finally dry & then I maintained applying the seventh coat, but my wifey kept saying that I should turn on the system anyway even though the windows were open… Just thinking about all that flowing right out the windows gave myself and others anxiety, so I refused to turn the system on, every one of us sweated through the rest of the painting, & finally when everything was finished, that’s when the people I was with and I shut all the windows. I was quick to go to the thermostat after that & crank up the cooling system! It took a long time for the house to cool down, however it felt so much nicer when the was laboring.


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