I told my buddy there was no way we could have installed the HVAC system on our own

When my friend started talking to me about installing a ductless mini split HVAC system, I thought he was nuts. I asked him if he had any experience installing HVAC systems, and of course he said no. That’s when I asked him how he thought he could possibly install something that he had no experience with. When he was telling me about all the DIY HVAC videos he watched, he said the ductless mini split appeared to be a piece of cake to install. I hoped that he knew what he was doing, and he ended up ordering the multi-zone ductless mini split that he wanted. The thing didn’t even come with directions or anything, you just kind of had to know what you were doing it seemed. Even though he watched those DIY videos, he was still scratching his head when looking at all the different HVAC components. I told him that he should really call up an HVAC technician to do this work. He finally realized that I was right and he called up the HVAC company to explain the situation. Fortunately, they sent an HVAC technician out who agreed to install the ductless mini split. This HVAC technician made the work look so easy, and he even brought over special kits for the connections that came with the ductless mini split. This made the installation look entirely professional, and when everything was finished, the ductless mini split worked beautifully. My buddy was satisfied with the cost of the installation, and I told him there was no way we could have done that on our own.
a/c serviceman