My buddy helped me spot numerous issues with my HVAC

A little while ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about how expensive my energy bills had become.

I asked him if he had any idea what would cause the spike in my energy bills.

He said it could be a lot of things, and then he ended up coming over to see if he could spot anything. He suspected it might have something to do with the HVAC system because the HVAC system uses a great deal of energy. He checked the ductwork and told me that I could use a ductwork cleaning. He even said that there could be blockage in there that was causing my HVAC system to work harder. Then he looked at the outdoor A/C condenser unit, and that was clogged up pretty bad. He said that definitely was an issue. He even managed to find leakage in a part of my ductwork, and said that I certainly needed ductwork sealing. I couldn’t believe that my friend was able to spot all these problems like he was some kind of HVAC specialist. When he checked my air filter, he said that it looked good at least. I always change my air filters every single month, so I knew that couldn’t be an issue for me. So I ended up having the HVAC professionals clean my ductwork system and they also took care of the ductwork sealing. I also had them clean out my A/C condenser unit and then my HVAC system was working great after that. About a month later, I noticed that my energy bills dropped down to a reasonable amount again.

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