It became very overheated in the house while we were painting

When we decided to paint different rooms in our home, I tried to wait for a good day when it wasn’t too overheated outside. I was actually growing impatient, and when it was finally 65 degrees one morning, that’s when I decided to start the painting. I kept all of the windows open so that the house could be aired out while we were painting. Well, painting takes a long time, and you have to wait for the first coat to dry before you apply the second coat. As we were waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, it started to really heat up a little later in the day. When it was about 82 degrees, I started to feel incredibly hot and sweaty. I wished that I could just shut the windows and crank up the air conditioner, but I knew that I couldn’t have the paint fumes in the house. I was happy when the first coat of paint was finally dry and then we worked on applying the second coat. My wife kept saying that I should turn on the A/C system anyway even though the windows were open. Just thinking about all that A/C flowing right out the windows gave me anxiety, so I refused to turn the A/C system on. We sweated through the rest of the painting, and finally when everything was finished, that’s when we shut all the windows. I was quick to go to the thermostat after that and crank up the cooling system! It took a long time for the house to cool down, but it felt so much nicer when the A/C was working.


a/c installation