My adoptive father is forcing me to be an HVAC technician

My adoptive father is forcing me to be an HVAC technician, and I despise him for it.

I guess that him making me become an HVAC technician isn’t the only reason that I despise him.

He isn’t my dad, but he is constantly trying to act like he is my dad. It really annoys me that he is trying to take the position for himself. He has never liked that I am not interested in HVAC units. He is an HVAC technician. I guess that is why my mom liked him. There certainly isn’t anything in his personality that would draw a normal human to him. He has a good job with the HVAC company, and he can do work around the house. Apparently, this is what my mom was looking for. Ever since he came, he has been trying to convince me to become an HVAC technician. I enjoy computer work, and I have always planned to be a programmer, but he doesn’t like that. He only wants me to become an HVAC technician because he thinks that all real men are HVAC technicians. At first, my mom was on my side, but as time went on, she started siding with the HVAC technician that she married. Now, I either have to move out when I turn 18, or I have to become an HVAC technician. If I decide to do anything besides become an HVAC technician, I am not going to have a place to live. I do not understand why they are so insistent on me becoming an HVAC technician. There are so many more options, but that is the only one they care about.

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