My communication skills are what landed me a job

I know quite a bit about the heating and cooling industry, but that’s not actually what ended up landing me a job at our local HVAC company here in town.

The owners of the HVAC business actually told me that there were several people with the same HVAC certifications and job skills that I had when they were doing interviews.

Then they told me that the reason that they were hiring me was because they could tell that I was really a people person. They said that most of the other people who interviewed were not really customer service oriented and they needed someone who would be a good fit with their existing HVAC customers. I was really happy to hear that, because I have always considered myself to be really good at communication with people. Now that I have become an HVAC technician at this company, I have really been trying to make sure that I’m extra friendly with the customers that I come in contact with. Last week when I got sent out to do an air conditioning repair, I ended up talking to the homeowners for a long time about their HVAC unit. Not only did I get their A/C repaired to their satisfaction, but I also talked them into purchasing a UV light air purification system for their house. My boss at the HVAC company was thrilled that I was able to install, repair, and do sales for them! He told me that he really knew at that point that they had made a great decision hiring me for their heating and cooling company.


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