We didn’t have air conditioning in the school I went to

Back when I was growing up, I went to this school in a very rural area down in the southern part of the country. Even though the temperatures down there got to be very high during the summertime and early fall, we didn’t have air conditioning in any of the schools that I ever went to. None of the schools anywhere around us had A/C either. It just wasn’t something that they installed in schools back then, I guess. These days, almost every single school has air conditioning. I know that if one of my kids went to school without A/C, I certainly wouldn’t send them in to suffer in the heat on very hot days at the beginning of the school year. Of course, when I was growing up, my parents didn’t care that much about my comfort levels! They just said for me to get my butt to school and so that’s what I did. I remember when I first went to college and one of my classes was in a room that actually had air conditioning. I remember going in there and freezing during my classes! But back in high school, it was a totally different story. In the afternoons, the sun would come streaming through the windows and start heating up the room and it would be so hard to stay awake! Back then, I wished that I could sit in a freezing cold classroom. I’m glad that these days, we don’t have to worry that much about the heating and cooling in our kids’ schools.

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