Always check the exterior A/C unit before you turn it on

Before you turn your air conditioning system on for the summer, it’s really important that you check everything out to make sure that it’s all ready to go for the season. You wouldn’t really think about your A/C much during the winter, since you’re worried about heating your home instead of cooling it, but your A/C still needs to be maintained. Your central air conditioning unit could become dirty or filled with dust and debris over the winter and in some cases, you might even get mice or other rodents trying to build a nest in there. I can’t think of anything worse than chopping up a bunch of rodents accidentally when I try to turn my air conditioning on for the first time in the summer! Not only should you check your A/C unit that’s inside, but you should also check the exterior component, too. Sometimes these are placed near the side or back of your property so they won’t be an eyesore, but that also tends to make homeowners forget about them too! It’s very important that you don’t forget all about the exterior A/C unit, though, because sometimes weeds or long grasses can grow up and get tangled in the fan. This could really mess up your air conditioning system and cost you hundreds of dollars in A/C repairs. It doesn’t cost you a thing to double check your A/C units before you turn them on, so make sure that you do that every year when the weather starts heating up.

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