Ever since I started working at home, I’ve really needed the A/C

Working from home is very different from working in the office every single day. I used to like going into the office every day, even though of course sometimes I wanted to take a day off. Still, when I would go into the office, at least I could concentrate and get my work done. Even though once in a while they would have trouble with the heating and cooling system in the office. They were constantly messing around with the thermostat system on our floor and at least two or three times a month, they would end up calling the commercial HVAC company to come in and do some maintenance and repairs. It got old after a while, but I still liked going in and working at my own desk and talking with my co-workers. Now that I’m working at home most of the time, I still have to worry about the air conditioning situation but now I have to pay for the cooling bills myself instead of the office paying for it! So needless to say, I now try and keep the thermostat turned up further so I don’t have to pay for keeping it too cold in my house. I do not like having to pay for high cooling bills but I can’t stand it when it’s not cool enough in the house, either. If I don’t keep it cool enough, it’s hard to stay awake in the afternoons when I get tired. It’s different than being at the office, because when I’m working from home I could actually go to my bed and take a nap! It’s a good thing that I do have A/C in my house.



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