My son wants to air condition his chicken coop

My son wants to put an air conditioning system inside of his chicken coop.

  • He has these prize chickens that he wins prizes and blue ribbons with every year at the fair, and he loves them like crazy.

They are literally like part of the family, according to him. Well, in our part of the country, the weather gets really hot in the summer. The temperatures start heating up pretty early in the year and then it’s hot for months at a time. This ends up making my son worry a lot about his chickens. We have always had fans in the barn for ventilation for our horses and goats, but up until the past few years, I never even gave a second thought to trying to improve the indoor air quality in the chicken coop. I mean, I don’t really know anyone else who worries this way about their chickens. But my son is highly invested in these chickens so now he is really bugging us to think about putting some sort of air conditioning or evaporative cooling system in the chicken coop. I told him that he should do the research on it and then we might think about doing it. Well, he’s gotten really busy doing research. He has called three different local heating and cooling companies and he has estimates lined up for next week. I’m interested to see what they say when they get here and see the size of our chicken coop! Who knows, maybe it won’t be too expensive and we will end up with some nice, cool chickens.


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