My husband hates having the A/C on when he’s sick

My husband Tony can’t stand to have the A/C running in the house whenever he’s got a cold or something.

It’s the weirdest thing, in my opinion.

I don’t ever feel so bad that I don’t want to have the A/C on during the summertime. I guess that whenever he has one of his big bad man colds, he just feels awful and it makes him act like a baby. I always get pretty annoyed with him when he’s sick. It’s not because I don’t like making him chicken soup or taking care of him. It’s mainly because I can’t stand not having the air conditioning turned on the way that it should be. In my opinion, the thermostat should be set no higher than seventy degrees at all times. But when Tony feels a little bit sick, it’s ridiculous. He goes around moaning about how cold he is and how he wants to turn the air conditioning completely off. It makes me crazy. I keep telling him that just because he feels sick doesn’t mean that everyone else in the house has to suffer without having any air conditioning. He says that the A/C just makes him feel worse and he can’t ever get warm whenever he’s sick. From now on, I’m going to give him a heating pad whenever he’s sick so that he will leave the thermostat alone. Tony says that if I will keep him warm by snuggling him and bringing him heating pads, then he will try to leave the air conditioning settings alone.
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