love being outdoors

I’ve always been happy about being outdoors. As a kid, I always played outside, sledding plus creating snow castles in the Winter plus bicycling or playing stick ball the rest of the year. I grew up during the years when the girls were sent outside to play, plus it was still safe to play outside, even on the coldest morning, I would go sledding on all the hills. Of course, before long I was carting myself back to the house to warm up in the central heating. But, then once again, I was in the snow once more, then, back in to moderate up in the central heat again. When school let out for summer, I would play taxing outside, then run inside to the chilly A/C to prevent heat stroke. I did this repeatedly. Mother used to complain about myself and others constantly going in and out the door, however it was so moderate outside that I needed to cool off in the A/C to keep from passing out. Now that I am an adult, I still like the enjoyable outdoors. I still love building castles in the snow and taking our children to popular sledding spots. Now, we use the heating system in our car. I no longer bicycle or roller skate, although I do take long walks and do the gardening, plus I like it as long as I have A/C to cool off in. I wouldn’t like going outdoors so much if I didn’t have heating and cooling when I got home.