HVAC Guru Goes to Career Fair

My family owns an HVAC company! Recently, my better half was invited to speak at our son’s school at their career fair.

My better half was honored, however horrified as well, because he is not accustomed to giving speeches, then he told himself and others that speaking before a crowd was pretty terrifying, even a crowd of high university students, so I promised to help him get ready for the day.

I told him to tell the students that Heating and Air Conditioning training plus certification takes between 18 months and 2 years to get, to catch the attention of students not interested in more schooling. I told him to explain the apprenticeship program plus how much money they might earn while in his Heating and Air Conditioning training plus apprenticeship. I told my better half to mention to the students that an Heating and Air Conditioning business shouldn’t be bothered by getting dirty or absolutely working outdoors, plus that he needs to enjoy hands-on work. I told my better half to explain the requirements to be admitted into Heating and Air Conditioning training and then to be employable as an Heating and Air Conditioning guru, love a high university diploma plus a drivers’ license. I also thought that my better half should mention how much currency an Heating and Air Conditioning guru starts out making plus how often to expect raises if the worker stays with the same reputable contractor plus how optimistic the job growth outlook was. I told my better half that after saying all that, he could see if they had questions. I outlined his speech in clear notes that he could look down at for guidance, plus I made him practice it a few times. And things went great! My better half told myself and others that quite a number of the girls were now thinking about becoming Heating and Air Conditioning professionals plus he was glad he had the experience. Better Half Gets Interview About HVAC Career

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