Ready to Fix Another HVAC

I had conflicting feelings all morning, I was excited, nervous, plus a little bit regretful. Today I began working as a Heating and Air Conditioning repairman. I had trained for this, heating plus A/C repairs should be rather uncomplicated, but when faced with the situation for the first time without a mentor, I was confident in our know-how in our ability to do the task right, but I simply must admit I was still worried about making a mistake somehow. When I arrived for our first morning at my new place of employment, it didn’t take long before I was sent out to repair an A/C unit. The customer needed cooling system service service plus I was the 1 to supply it. This was what I had been training for, plus wanted for so long plus now it was respectfully mine. I took a close look at the A/C system, which was a big commercial cooling system. I gave it a thorough look over plus quickly was able to pinpoint what was wrong with it. I took out all of our tools and began repairing the broken A/C. When I had finished I inspected it out to discover that everything was running perfectly fine again. The difference was noticeable, as soon as the A/C kicked on, all the built up heat hit the road. I had completed our first real heating plus cooling work. I left my first a/c repair job at the end of the morning with all our previous nervousness a thing of the past. I knew I had done a task well done plus I was ready to fix another a/c asap.

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