A brand new adventure

We’ve been thinking about it for a good amount of time now, and we have pretty much decided that we are going to be moving south soon, however my spouse and I have been residing up north ever since we got married and it’s legitimately ice cold around here during the winters, however both of us have to deal with sub zero temperatures for weeks at a time once the weather starts cooling down in the fall; I, for a single, am legitimately sick of it.

  • I would like to live somewhere where it’s humid and miserable most of the time and I’m beginning to realize why so many different people want to retire down in the southern area of the country.

I can’t quit thinking about how nice it must be to never have to worry if you have enough wood for your fireplace or oil for your oil oil furnace, and not only that, but we have to pay a luck in heating costs during the winter. I just think that it would be lovely to stress out about paying for a/c for once instead of heating bills. I feel like it might be weird once we genuinely transfer down there, then probably then we will be complaining about the a/c bills instead of heating bills at that point, and either way, however, I am sick of the chilly temperatures and the cold weather. I feel that it will be a nice change for us to transfer down to the southern area of the country, even if we do end up with high cooling bills, at least it will be something weird for us.