The best in the business

My amazing partner Jamie is really 1 of the world’s greatest Heating and Air Conditioning specialists, and he has people from all over the place calling him to get him to work on their air conditioning units and furnace units. It’s crazy to me that he gets calls appreciate this all the time, because he works for one of the smaller Heating and Air Conditioning companies here in town, however working at that Heating and Air Conditioning supplier keeps him busy, especially because people are calling in and requesting him to be the one to come and do all of their residential Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and installations while in the summertime and the winter. It doesn’t seem to matter that there are hundreds of other Heating and Air Conditioning specialists actually working at the same place! Jamie is always the one they want to talk to, and he’s always the 1 with the most customer demands at the end of the week; The men keep track of it in the office, and he always ends up with bragging rights that he’s the number one Heating and Air Conditioning specialist in the whole supplier. It always makes him giggle, however I believe it just speaks to how great of an employee and Heating and Air Conditioning tech he actually is. I always tell him that he should be getting a bonus because of all of this attention that he gets, although he just shrugs it off completely. He also makes a wonderful living as an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, especially when he has people calling from all over to get him to come and do work for them for currency instead of going through the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. He says that he has to keep that quiet, because he might get in trouble for doing that.

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