A noisy A/C system

Last month, both of us had a pretty weird week at our house, however I suppose it was the season opener for spiders or something, because both of us found dozens of them in our condo that week.

The people I was with and I were killing them plus throwing them outside every minute or so, it seemed like, well, the weather had started heating up just the week before that plus both of us had turned our temperature control over from the gas furnace to the a/c.

The main concern was that even though the was cooling everything down okay, the fan was making a horrible noise, but every time the kicked on and finally started running, the fan would be so loud that you could barely even hear yourself think! But both of us hadn’t been able to get an appointment with our local Heating plus A/C corporation to come plus repair the yet; With that being said, between the super loud a/c plus the spider invasion, it was a honestly weird week. One evening, after our child went to bed, I heard some crazy thumping plus banging around from upstairs. I realized that it was coming from her room so I ran up there; She was cowering on the bed, banging her hand against the wall. She informed me that she had been yelling at me for twenty minutes, but since the was running at that time, I hadn’t even heard her! She was being held hostage on the bed by a bunch of spiders on the floor, so she couldn’t escape her room! I’m hoping both of us get the fixed this month, because it’s getting crazy around her.


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